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Laserline  EPS4016FU  Factory Style Flush Fit Front Parking System Wired Kit Laserline
Wired Kit
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  • Dedicated front four sensor digital system with 16 or 18mm diameter sensors
  • Sensors can be installed from the front of the bumper or OE flush fit style from the rear of the bumper
  • Unique built in GPS speed sensing-sensors turn on automatically below 10mph and off above 10mph
  • Sensors can also be controlled from a dedicated switch at an extra cost (part 012 EPS Switch)
  • Adjustable detection zones
  • Different audible tones depending on the distance of sensor detection
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LYNN TEDCASTLE @ November 27, 2020 2:21 pm
Three 16mm sensors installed flush fit, all vehicles need at least rear sensors, even better front and rear kits. Our range includes, rear, front or front and rear wireless parking kits, GPS speed pulse built in to the ECU making sure the front sensors turn on below 10mph and automatically off when above 10mph.The rear sensors on the Fiat switch on when the driver selects rever... [click here to read the full story]

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